2021 is our new decade and peeking into it is super exciting for the digital marketing discipline that seems to change swiftly. At once AI and data-driven marketing were attractions of the era but today SEO is on top of the list.

And why wouldn’t it be? After all, if your business is competitive in today’s online ground, you must urgently adopt evolving SEO trends, because we live in a time when the market moves faster and consumer behaviors are hard to predict.

Read the following to discover more about the top 5 SEO trends in 2021 that will help digital marketers thrive in the age of innovation and technology.


People haven’t realized that 2021 is the year that a lot of people wake up to User Experience (UX). It’s sure to be the heart of the global business industry and it’s already taking over many attentions. Improved UX will have a direct impact on search engine rankings going forward through various metrics and tracking user engagement. In general, it helps you understand how users engage and interact with your website via page speed, mobile responsiveness, menu/header layout, and URL structure. Hence if you focus on implementing effective UX design will dramatically boost user engagement resulting in influencing overall search ranking.

Mobile SEO

Mobile SEO means viewing flawless on your mobile screens, such as smartphones and tablets so you can target a more specific audience. It is the focal point for the majority of searches on portable devices, webmasters should be highly concerned about their mobile devices daily. Google is also investing in mobile-friendly sites, hence 2021 is the mobile era and one should shift his focus on improving the experience for mobile users.

Mobile SEO is a trend that has grown considerably and, in the future, most of the searches will be on mobile. Studies reveal that 4 out of 5 searchers conduct their searches via mobile but only having a mobile website is not enough, mobile-interface must be attention-grabbing, be simple to read, and should answer all possible questions.

Here are few tips to consider,

  • Don’t block JavaScript, CSS, and image files
  • Optimize unplayable content
  • Fix faulty redirects and cross-links
  • Keep your site lightning fast
  • Optimize title and meta description
  • Use structured data
  • Take advantages of local searches
  • Build mobile sitemaps


Let’s say video marketing is the most engaging social media strategy at this very moment that is used to capture relevant traffic to a website. As 2021 emerge with technology and digital habits usage of video has shot up. Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and TikTok are answers to why social media users are more video-oriented, and why marketers are adapting their strategy to reflect this trend.

The most popular video streaming platform is YouTube, it has become the new TV for everyone. Along with popular videos, it also shares information. Millennials are using YouTube for academic and entertainment purposes, making it a priority for a huge number of businesses. And SEO marketers optimize their videos for appearing in search results by using targeted keywords and verbal content to reach their audience.


One trend to help you outrank your competitor will be constantly publishing content. It is everywhere from the text, pictures to videos on a website. Google prefers a website that has high-quality content. In terms of SEO, content affects everything; structure, linking strategy, types of link building, everything in SEO is about content. And 2021 is all about having the best content on your site.

Here are a few popular trends of content marketing,

  • Bite-sized content revolution
  • Content and search engine work together
  • Video content is the most preferred
  • Natural language search and voice search content
  • Personalized content

Local SEO trend

The customer always searches for something nearby to them and SEO is an effective solution to that—if you use it right.

FACT: 80% of consumers lose trust in a local business if they see incorrect detail online

And if you are someone who owns a small business with a physical location out there such as a store or office then local SEO is an extremely important factor for you. For instance, imagine this, your local customers are walking and driving past your shop, usually with a smartphone searching for a business just like yours. The question is will they select you or your competition.

“Our local SEO determines whether people step into your shop/business, then it’s up to you to provide great products & services”
– Sarang Ishaque(Saraqs CEO)